Be-lated Hilbert Recap

  • Start off strong
  • 7th into the woods
  • 5th out of the woods (1st lap)
  • Make way to 4th on 2nd lap
  • Third lap feeling strong still then foot meets tree stump
  • Toe dislocates brings on a string of four letter words
  • Foot swells hold postition for laps 4 and 5
  • Lap 6 loose 3 spots slipping to 7th
  • Withdraw after 6 laps
  • Finished 26th of 30-some Can I get a whooo-hoo?
  • Didn't think so
A week later toe feels better except in the mornings when it is still a little stiff. Probably be back on the bike by the end of the week.

Oh and sorry for the lack of pics. The crew couldn't figure out how to work the camera.