With the 2007 MTB race season on the horizon I thought it would be a good idea to get the BUSS up and running properly once again. Picked up some nicely new-sed Ti brakes.
Then the other day the little brown elf brought me a present from this year's tire sponsor Maxxis. They were nice enough to send me a new set of rubbers for the BUSS so there would be no new baby BUSS's running around anytime soon.
First impression while installing them. Can I take those large 2.35's in the rear? Damn right I can! Although they must be flat in order for me to get them through the brake calipers. Took them out for a quick 8 mile spin at PSP Friday aftertnoon. I have to say I felt an immediate confidence in the tire as I was able to just lean and rail. Lean and rail.

Work today then Hilbert tomorrow for some enduro action!