2-fer Tuesday

Tuesday brought on a day off from work. Gotta love when your b-day is a paid holiday! Anywho, with a full weekend of racing coming up this weekend I decided to make Tuesday the last day in the saddle until the preride in Leesburg on Friday. And because it was going to be my last ride I decided to make it a long hard day of riding. Went out for a 30 miler on the road in the afternoon. Gusty winds of over 25 mph made it for an exciting ride. Couldn't go anywhere on the way out and on the way back all I could think of was zoom, zoom, zoom. Easy to do with those kind of winds at your back.

Met Nate, Travis and Scott Davis out at Poor Farm for a few laps around the Spring Cup course which will be taking place on Sunday. Travis got a new ride. Seems as if you don't have a 29-er you aren't anyone. Guess that makes me a nobody. The ride was a good one even though I did have to recover the BUSS from the Poor Farm Tar Pits.

Friday brings the pre-ride for the Baker's Dozen in Leesburg with the race taking place on Saturday. Just a few hours after the Spring Cup is taking place here locally. Gonna be a long weekend of riding, driving and racing!