Back to one's roots

Every once in awhile, things happen in one's life to take 'em back to where to all started. About a week ago a co-worker (DaLaw) and I were talking about our middle school soccer team we played on together while attending Providence Middle School. One of the things that came to both of our minds while talking about it was a set of sprints our coach used to make us do called "niners" Nope sorry guys these have nothing to do 29" wheels or single speeds. Well single speed maybe as you had to be full out the entire time running these. Ah I remember doing about a million of these during the course of a season. We would start on a touch line run errr sprint to the opposite touchline, sprint back to where we started and then back to the opposite touchline once again. All that had to be done in 30 seconds. We were then graciously given a 30 second rest period and we had to repeat the run two more times for a total of three times or 9 trips across the field. One set of 9 equaled one "niner".

Fast forward to today or this past Thursday. I was asked if I could help out again this year, with a seminar for the Gym teachers of Chesterfield County Schools. Having done it last year I it was an immediate "YES!" The school system has been trying to introduce cycling into their criteria for the past three years ever since they received a huge grant.

The first group of teachers came outside to where our station was setup and low and behold who is it, Coach Mclean himself! It was great to see him again and be able to catch up and reminisce! I snuck away for a little photo op and here it is. He is on the right in the red. If you cannot tell your right from your left, I will give you a hint. He has the same hair style as I.