A Good Whipping

Everyone needs a good whipping every now and again. Not being too impressed by my level of cardio I have decided to start riding to and from work once again as I did last year. Well that and now there is incentive from the company to use "alternate" transportation. Either way, three days in a row and my legs are a bit tired. Maybe it's not just my cardio that needs work. Or maybe I should allow a little more time to get to work so I am not doing a 16 mile time trial twice a day. With the forecasters calling for afternoon T-Storms today, it sounds like the perfect day to rest the legs. Especially since I got caught in one last week. And may I say it was not fun. But that is just me!

Changed my eating habits a bit. No more candy for awhile and instead trying to eat a bit healthier. Fruit and veggies for my daily snacks for me!

Have Friday and Saturday off this weekend (and it cannot come soon enough) so I plan on getting in some serious saddle time in. If only I had the drivetrain issues fixed on the Turner life would be great. Guess I'll just have to ride the BUSS.