Carytown 10k

From the title you are probably thinking, "When did Andy start running?". The answer is he hasn't. I did however make it down to Carytown to watch Jenn run in her first 10k. She was a bit nervous before the start of the race as to if she would be able to finish or not due to two reasons. First she was sick for about a week just 2 weeks ago which kept her from doing any sort of exercise and the second being that her knee had been given her trouble on the last couple of runs.

Just like I promised her, I said a prayer so the knee pains would stay away for the day and they did. Although, that did not eliminate all of the pain from the run. While still able to muster a smile she was looking good at the 1.2ish mile mark as she turned back towards Cary St. At about the 3.5 mile mark she still looked good to me (I know I'm a bit biased) but commented that she was starting to feel the burn a bit. I saw her once more with about 1/4 mile remaining where she made the turn back onto Cary St and finished it off strong.

Jenn (white) Girl who doesn't want to see these pictures aka Olivia (pink)

Fighting through the burn and pain she achieved her goal of finishing with a time of 1 hour 12 minutes. Couldn't be more proud to be your man! Looking forward to June 9th where Jenn will tackle the competition once again in her 2nd 10k all the while training for her first half marathon.

Now I ask you Jenn: Are your legs as tired as mine?