With the rains last night ZNels and I thought it best to head out to Powhite for a quick ride this morning. That place has a funny ability to make you think to yourself (or sometimes out loud) "Which way do I go?" Especially when you are trying not to ride the same trail for the 2nd, 3rd or 5th time.

After grabbing a shower, lunch and a quick nap, I headed out to the shed to give the BUSS a little long overdue TLC. In wanting to put a bigger gear on it but not wanting to spend more money on chainrings, I pulled out the gold RaceFace crank that came stock on it. I had bent something on it awhile back and it started to eat chains. Breaking one almost every other ride. Well I think I have it straight once again but cannot say for certain until I give it a new chain to chew on.

I had picked up another set of the Ergon grips the other day at the shop. Since I was going to remove the Pepperjacks I figured I might as well install the new Avid Ti Brake levers I bought months ago. Both the grips and levers look and feel amazing! A new set of pads and cables completed the pampering of said BUSS for the night.

Before Friday, I plan on replacing the bearings in the rear wheel. Stay tuned for that as I plan on doing it myself for the first time. Could get ugly?!