Recovery Ride?

Looks like the members of Yoda Lama's Juicy Sin were still all a little tired yesterday morning after their hard efforts on Sunday. Looks like John and Chris were going to go for a swim in the James River during lunch. Does drowning in the James count as swimming in the James? No? Suppose that eliminated me from said recovery effort.

Decided to ride into work to stretch the good ole legs out. I usually leave myself an hour to get to work but that requires a hammerfest to get there on time. Usually what I am looking for as it will be my only riding for the day but yesterday I decided to leave a few minutes early so I could just ride over with very little effort.

Why is it when you are not trying to go "fast" things seem to be a bit more fluid? First time I have made both the trip to and from with an average of over 21mph. Doesn't make sense to me except maybe I should just not force the power? Is it there regardless? Not sure, but what I am sure of is on the commute this morning, I am going to "try" and ride the same as yesterday. Does "trying" slow one down? I would venture to think so to an extent. Gotta learn to just get on the bike and relax.

I remember someone once telling me "Smooth is fast and fast is smooth". Or wait was that in Days of Thunder? Regardless it makes sense. I'm off to learn to relax.