18 Hr Prep

Met up with the other members of Yoda-Llama's Juicy Sin last night for a short night ride at an undisclosed location. Not really sure where I was when they finally took the black bag off my head but was glad to be out on the bike.

I was hoping for a relaxed pace with a few hard pushes to test the limits of the lights. If they were relaxed, someone is in trouble because they were ridiculous quick. Not sure if Llama could see Yoda or Sin but at times I was having trouble keeping Llama in sight myself. Not sure how Yoda didn't see that one thorn along the trail that reached out and bit his rear with that bright a$$ light he was using but it provided a great photo op.

That will probably be my last day on the bike until Saturday. Which is probably what my body needs as it tries to fight off this head cold.

On a side note, I will have some pics of the Hilbert Race up in the gallery probably tomorrow. There are some pictures of others, aka Scott Davis and Jared.