3 in 3

Made it out to PSP once again this afternoon for the third time in three days. The heat has been slightly ridiculous all week and I really began to feel it today even though today was the coolest of the three days.

All three days have been on the Carver and now that I have some decent miles on it I have to say I absolutely love the ride. I was a bit worried the ride would be a rough, mouthpiece requiring ride when I made the decision to run it with the Origin 8 carbon fork but quickly became elated to find that the bike does not beat me up at all. In fact I feel as if I feel less fatigue than I did on the BUSS or Turner.

The combination of the carbon fork and 29" wheel really makes the bike float over everything big and small. My forearms and shoulders are less tired at the end of the ride and I have to give the credit to the light front end. The fork itself weighs in in the sub 800 gram class. Total bike weight is 19.1 lbs. This bike's climbing ability is borderline unfair. It just shits and gets up the climbs.

The true test will be this coming Sunday at the Camp Hilbert race (which I forget to pre-reg for). Hilbert has always really beat me up. Lots and lots of big roots. Going to be running the SS class once again. With that being said, I am going to take tomorrow off and hydrate well so I will be ready for Sunday.

Thanks again to Davis Carver of Carver bikes and Bikeman.com for hooking me up with such a great ride! I'm in love!