As we all now by now the 18 hour race was canceled due to major storm damage earlier in the week of the race. It has now been rescheduled for November 17-18. That same weekend, is the VA State Cyclocross Championship in VA Beach. I really enjoyed that event last year as well even though it is very clear to me that short races like cross racing I do not excel at.

Would have been a tough decision to make had I been forced to make one but luckily I'm not. I will be arriving back home late that Sunday from my trip out west to visit my lil sis! I am super excited about this trip. I know for a fact I will be taking the road bike with me but may also end up taking the Carver as well. We will see!

Since my schedule isn't going to be too Cross friendly this year, I have decided to put my training efforts for the next few months onto longer rides. The 24 hours of Sebring looks to be my next big race, also the first of next year, and I want to do better than this year. Actually riding the bike more than once a week like I was before the event this year, will be a good first step. I think?

Chris has been trying to get down his way for a trip around his new favorite loop through Southern Chesterfield for awhile now. Finally got the schedules matched up and planned on meeting up with him on Friday evening. On the ride back to get my car from Jenn's place after work I started to get a ridiculous vibration in my left pedal. Limp it back to the car and take a look at it. Crank arm has come loose.

Threw the bike on top of the car and call Chris. "On my way, I will need an 8mm wrench when I get there." Arrive at Chris', throw the bike up on the stand, insert said wrench into bolt. The bolt has no head. Argg! Ride is called off.

Call around on Saturday morning looking for a new one. Thinking Ben at 3 Sports would be the only place who would have one in stock he was the first I called. "Yup! I've got one." Great! Headed over there during my lunch break and picked it up. The Felt is back up and running! Going to give the loop another try tomorrow night. Looking forward to it!

Jenn has expressed some interest in road riding. Decided to tear down the Cross bike and build up a bike for her. It is coming along great and I am excited because she seems very excited. The last pieces of the puzzle will be arriving this week and I will be able to get her out on the road.

Cannot wait to get this bike complete. What is it about building bikes from scratch attracts me so much? Light frame with 105 shifters, Ultegra front and rear and FSA carbon cranks. NICE!