Hilbert Race Short Story

Took part in the 3rd Hilbert race this afternoon. With the 18 hour race just a week away I decided to run in the SS class once again. It is becoming more and more apparent to me that the shorter the race the more I suck.

Much to the dismay of the new Carver, my legs were nonexistant until the end of the second of the three laps. That is when the Carver showed me what it really had in it. The legs began to cooperate with the rest of my body and I began to reel the leaders back in. I was able to pass the second place rider and pulled the leader back to what I think is probably in the 30-35 second range. (Offical times will be up tomorrow I think)

The Carver was amazing especially once I was able to truly put the hammer down. I cannot sing my praises for it loud or often enough. The machine is simply amazing!

I will have pictures of the race up later this week. Until then I will be laying low all week as to save my legs for this weekend.