Riding w/ Others

Spent this week riding with others. I know this is somewhat of a new concept for me as my schedule usually forces me to ride when everyone else cannot. So when a chance comes up I usually take advantage of it.

Met Zach at the store Monday morning for a nice 22 mile loop through the Hanover/Henrico/Ashland area. Although I have ridden out there many a time, I still do not know where the town/county lines are. Oh well doesn't really matter until I look like a dumbass trying to explain a route I rode through "Ashland" the other day when it was really in "Henrico". Zach got the chance to rock his new Diadora's and might I say he looked a bit Tom Boonen-ish(I know Tom doesn't wear Diadora's). Maybe its because they rock the same build but probably more so because he put a hurting on me for the entire 22 miles.

Last night, Jenn and I loaded up the bikes once again and headed over to WestCreek. After her first ride last week, the concensus was we needed to bring the bars back to her just a little bit more. Grabbed what I described to the LBS as "a stem that is short, stumpy and has a lot of rise", she was much more comfortable on the bike. 18 miles last night and she is pumped and asking for more.

Blurry due to speed!

Thursday equals a rest day with a short ride on Friday to get the legs stretched out before Saturday's Heart of VA century. Legs are feeling a bit tired as always but am looking for my first ever sub 5 hr century.