Cobblestone Cross - Pole Green

Better start position than last week

Got the hole-shot

Was caught and passed in the barriers on first lap.

Couple of laps later I was brought back by two riders and sat in 4th.

Could see 5th place (red) bringing me back in while the course switched back and forth.

Suffered on every lap trying to hold a fast pace down the backstretch.

Took a lesson from the master JB in the barriers at the end of the second to last lap.

Starting the last lap, I saw the 3rd place rider with his head down. Decided to try to reel him back in. Caught him at the end of the front stretch entering the switchback climbs. Tried to take advantage of the surprised look on his face and kept the hammer down hoping I wouldn't blow up before the finish.

Nice superman remount after the barriers on the last lap.

Sprint to the 3rd place finish.

Was a great race and thanks go out to Cobblestone Bikes for hosting the event. Will definitely be back next year hopefully for 45 minutes of suffering instead of 30. The third place finish leaves me only needing to capture 2 upgrade points next weekend.