Watch the Video!

So another week has come and gone with very little time in the saddle. I was going to post about the first real mtb ride I have gotten in this year where my heart was beating ridicoulous amounts of fastness and my legs had an unrelenting amount of burn in them. That was until I read my sister's blog last night about my pops.

Many of you have met him and for those of you who haven't have surely seen him while he has always so lovingly worked my pits filling waterbottles, making sure I eat and then always finding a way to convince into doing just one more lap a little faster than the last. He is the rock I lean on during those physically and mentally draining events we all consider to be hell while doing it yet smile and joke oh so unrelentlessly about afterwards.

Her writeup says everything so perfectly I am copy/pasting it below. Please watch the video she put together. Every time someone watches it Five for Fighting donates $1 to the Fisher House. For those who don't know, the Fisher House helps support military families.
From B's Blog

Good Deed #29. Dad, this one was for you! I know it wasn't easy for you to be away from us for all those months and years, but we were always so proud to call you dad. Everyday I would look at the cross stitch mom made that said "Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy" and would thank God that I was YOUR sweet pea. I made this video for you, the men you served with, the men who are serving now, and for all the children left behind. Friends and family please watch this video till the very end so Five for Fighting can donate $1/view to the Fisher House.