Final touches and first ride

With the Gunnar just about finished we just had to add a few final touches, waterbottle cages. We knew when we built it up the cage on the downtube would fit fine. The problem lied in trying to get a cage to somehow fit securely on the seattube as the front derailleur clamped right in the middle of the braze-ons. I had the idea to try and find some longer bolts and just space it out so one could mount over the top of the clamp. Alas, we found some longer ones! Found some small washers and alas, two cages! Who knew frame mounted pumps would be good for anything other than swinging at cars that got too close?! (For those who don't know frame pumps come with longer bolts)

Now that the build was complete, nothing left to do really except weigh it and ride it. When I started the build I was thinking we would be in the same 20 lb area as the Scattante build she was riding prior to this due to the frame being steel and all. I was ok with it as the ride quality was going to be much smoother and plush for her. So I through it up on the digital scale at work. It was like watching the weigh ins on the Biggest Loser. Numbers were jumping all around while the bike steadied itself on the hook. I was elated when the numbers stopped jumping and settled on ......

About a 2 lb loss!

While at the store I picked up a new headlight, CygoLite Pace 135, for Jenn's bike as well as a heart rate monitor for myself. I have big plans for the HRM which I will disclose in a later post. I need to read a book and an online article or two first. Arrived home, charged the light and and awaited Jenn's arrival home from work so we could head out on the open road for Jenn's first ride on the Gunnar and her first night ride.

The light performed really well and I was pleased with the output on it. At 135 lumens this 3.5 hour LED was quite bright and illuminated more of the road than my Cateye Doubleshot. It retails for $99 (usually on sale for around $70) and at that I think it is a steal. Jenn had no problems seeing anything that was coming her way.

She really enjoyed the ride quality on the new bike. We will need to make some small tweaks to get a little pressure off of her hands and thus releasing some tension in her shoulders but all in all the ride is just as nice to ride as it is to look at.