Holiday Season Begins...

Seems like just yesterday Jenn and I were talking about buying a home together on New Years Day. We have had a busy year together including buying our first home together, getting engaged, adopting a puppy and receiving a promotion at work. Now its our first holiday season together.

Most people do not consider Halloween part of the holiday season but this year I do and I will get to that in a moment. Started off by carving some jack-o-lanterns while visiting Aprill and Adam a few weeks ago.

Halloween soon came around and Jenn and I were ready to hand out some candy to all the kids in the neighborhood. Well, Jenn was ready to hand it out. I spent the evening dry fitting some components on Jenn's Xmas present.

A couple of months back, I had made the decision to be the cycling coach for the Richmond chapter of Team in Training. Jenn had made the decision to sign up as a participant and train to do her first century. I then started to put the ole brain into overdrive trying to find a new frame for her to ride on to make the long days of training a little more comfortable than the extremely stiff aluminum frame she is/was riding.

The problem was she really wanted a bike with some pink in it and I couldn't find but a few choices of carbon frames in which she would really like and they all would require me to buy a complete bike just so I could use the frame. Solution? I got in touch with Richard and Waterford Cycles and ordered a custom Gunnar Roadie frame. Once the frame was done with the manufacturing Richard gave me a call to make sure their understanding of what I wanted the paint to be like was the same as mine. They were able to recreate my thoughts perfectly; black glossy frame with Gunnar written in pink down the downtube and he also agreed to leave all other decals and markings off the frame. Man does it look clean!

The second picture is a bit blurry because I get excited when I am around it but not anything like Jenn does. We are still waiting on the fork (Easton EC70) and wheels (Chris King Pretty in Pink edition) to arrive. Fork should be today and the wheels hopefully by Thursday or Friday. If they arrive on either of those days Jenn will be riding it for the first time at our first Team in Training session on Saturday as I will stay up all night to get it built if I have to! Meanwhile I have a couple boxes full of new sexy parts waiting to be put to good use and a stand in the house that is driving Jenn bonkers. For some reason I think it would bother her more if it were one of my frames just chillin there lookin pretty, ha!