Logistics and wanting to ride ...

What would January be if it weren't for cold windy days. Amazing is what! After putting off riding outdoors last week due to my puss-o-meter reaching an all time high I was able to get out with the TNT crew on Saturday morning for a nice 37 mile ride through the Varina Grove area. It was a perfect day to be on a bike.

While I was busy not riding my bike last week I did start to get some information together so I could start to strategize my state record attempts which will be coming up over the summer. Although Metro tells me they are indeed World Record attempts since those who live in Ashland, VA think Ashland is the century of the universe and Ashland is in the state of VA, Virginia is now the universe or in this case the world. Not sure about it but I will run with it.

My first attempt at plotting a course took me all of about 30 minutes of drawing and erasing routes on gmap-pedometer. Come to find out the straightest line in this case isn't the shortest because some how the previous two attempts which are now current records were about 20-30 miles shorter than what I had drawn. Keep in mind I haven't actually scouted any of these roads but rest assured I will find the shortest route possible even if that means going over the top of the biggest mountains.

All of this emailing back and forth with the records committee last week has me itching for a longer ride. Last night I made the comment to Jenn, "How can I have so much energy, yet am so sleepy?" I think the answer is because I have been so excited to get out and really test my legs for the first time this calendar year. Correction second time, the first time was the impromptu ride home from Osborne Park a few weeks back.

That being said, I announce that on Friday, January 30th, 2009 I will be putting in my first unsupported century of the year. The plan is as follows, take Petra to vet at 7:45. Be back at home around 9 or so. On the bike by 9:30ish. I will be riding through the city and picking up Zach (aka ZNels) and maybe Johnny (aka The Yellow Blaze). They will join me for the 40 some miles out on the Eastern side of town before we head back to the city and I will continue home. I am excited as this ride has both the Varina Grove area and Riverside Dr/Old Gun worked into it. Oh time cannot move fast enough at this point. Till then here are some pics from our weekend trip to Douthat State Park.

Blue Suck Falls

Olympic Long jump distance?

Jenn Climbing Lookout Rock

Sage Can Climb Lookout Rock Too

Overlooking the Lake

Methane Heated Fleece Blanket

Finishing the Last Kabob in the Fireplace

Roasting Mello's

That's my boy!