Wind machine continues to blow...

Thursday was the first day of weight training for me in a long time. For most this would mean that you went to gym and lifted heavy objects repeatedly for a set period of time and then stared into the mirror to see if there was any noticeable muscle mass gained. But for me it would that I filled this bag up with anywhere between 13 and 16 pounds of clothing and food and road into work.

It was a tough ride in as the weatherman is full of something other than the ability to accurately predict which direction the wind will be blowing from. What was supposed to be a tailwind for the majority of the day was actually a cross/head wind. While waiting for the light to turn green I was able to snap a quick picture of the wind whipping Old Glory into a frenzy.

Despite the wind, I was still able to make it to work with a somewhat respectable 18.? average for the 26 miles. I was pleased given my current state of out of shape-ness. Before the TnT ride on Saturday morning I threw on a pair of these bad boys. The gatorskins have served me well but it was time to replace them. We just got these back into stock at the store and I have been wanting to give them a go for quite sometime. First impressions , I think I am going to like them. I will give a better idea for their feel after a few more rides.