Do you remember back in school going through the human development class and the instructor telling you it was dangerous to play the game "just the tip"? If your instructor was the same way as mine she gave two reasons: 1) can still get pregnant and 2) you run the risk of breaking it off. Now in cycling chances of you getting pregnant are a lot slimmer although not entirely impossible but breaking the tip off can be done very easily. Especially when your cleats are as worn out as these. The tip ended up breaking on my last Saturday after the ride.

Yesterday was a great day of riding. The r*** finally decided to detour around Richmond so I started by putting new cleats on the shoes.

I then met up with Hugh and Bill for the Unemployed Cyclists ride which RABA leads out of the Hanover Courthouse every Thursday. Hugh told em they would be doing a different variation of the route called Burke's Bridge. It had a nice mix of rolling to flat terrain with a two handfuls of raisins err I mean climbs mixed in. Definitely a fun ride which shall be duplicated again.

I met Jenn and the TnT crew out at Westcreek later in the evening to do another 30 miles. With the couple of hours in between the two rides my legs were feeling a bit heavy at the start. A few miles in they started to free themselves and I started to feel good again. This was very encouraging as I start to ramp up the miles in hopes of one day getting my lazy arse back into shape.

While riding I told Jenn that some of the kids on the other ride made the comment that my shoes look like they were older than I was and that I wanted to buy a new pair so I could fit in with all the cool kids at school. This is when I got spooked a bit because her motherly instincts kicked in and said "those are $300 shoes you are not getting new ones. You can make due with the ones you have." And I am going to stop there before I type something I will get in trouble for.

Today I plan on meeting Hugh once again this time out at the Battlefield and then possibly riding into work on Saturday morning. That is if my legs can still hold me up tomorrow morning.