Saturday morning I left the house at 6:45 am to get in some extra miles. I rode over to the Osborne Boat Landing where I met the TnT crew. The legs were feeling a lot better than when I had rode home from work Friday afternoon. Heading into the city I was able to hold just under a 21 mph avg. Then I was reminded about why riding in the city sucks big time. Stop lights and pot holes, stop lights and pot holes, blah blah blah. Made it out to the boat landing and then we progressed out as a team for another 37 miles or so. Towards the end the bike started to make a chain slap noise when I was in the 11 tooth or what I like to call Lil W VA cause thats the same number of teeth W Virginian's have.

Thinking the slap was being caused by a dirty drivetrain I decided to clean it last night. Thats when I found the root of the problem. The lockring on my cassette had started to work itself loose. Yikes!

Isn't that the ugliest skewer you have ever seen on a set of Chris King hubs?

Finished cleaning the bike and started to pray that the rain would move out faster than my rediscovered motivation to ride long distances again does.