The other night Jenn and I got a chance to watch 24 solo. It is a documentary which chronicles what Chris Eatough and others goes through in order to not only complete a 24 hour solo mountain bike race but to do it at the pro level in the world championships.

The movie was well made and it actually made me want to get back out on the mountain bike. Just kidding, I don't really have the desire to ride the BUSS but I do want to get out and get some more miles in on the cross bike. That will come tomorrow as I have spent the majority of this morning finishing up the remodeling of our master bathroom.

Isn't she a beauty?! She is a far distance from being complete but I did finish taking down the last bit of the 1980's Marriott like wallpaper. Now we just have to touch up the walls with some spackling and it will be ready to paint. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE to paint? I know Jenn is excited about it though, not the painting but the finishing.

Later today I am going to get in about 30-35 on the La Raazzaaa before meeting Jenn and the TnT crew out at WC for another 30. Tomorrow should bring a long day in the saddle as I plan to leave the house shortly after Jenn does for work and head over to PSP for some dirty looks as I get in some cross dress action.