You can learn ..

You can learn everything you ever need to know about life if only you eat more Chinese food.  A few weeks ago, Jenn and I went to our favorite Chinese restaurant on this side of town.  I cannot really remember what I had to eat but its not important.  What is important though was the message inside my fortune cookie.  It said something to the effect that I should be journaling (<---evidently I just made up a word or I am smarter than Google spellcheck.  I'll go with making up a word.) my life happenings. So here we are me writing more nonsense and you reading it.  

I have been wanting to try and blog more often especially since there is so much going on right now between riding, improvements to the house and preparing for a wedding which used to seem like it was so far away but now is starting to peak out at us from around the corner.   I am running short on time this morning but I will starting posting more frequently about all of the above and I might actually include some pictures as well.