Feel the burn

As all of you know there are many ways you can feel the burn while on the bike.  Some feel it because they forget to apply sunscreen prior to going out.  Some get it because they are pushing too hard and the lactate acid starts flowing through the muscles.  I hear if you don't slow down once the acid starts playing catch up with your muscles that evil bitch will reek real havoc.  I have even heard stories where the LA reduced a man or two to tears.  

Neither of those are how I felt it today unfortunately.  I felt the burn on my shin as I was unloading the car at the beginning of our group ride here in Fletcher.  I leaned up next to the tailpipe which was piping hot.  It took me a second to realize why my leg felt really warm and by the time I did the heat was already a few layers deep and I screamed like a little school girl.  Thankfully one of the wives of one the riders 
had some cream to put on it and all is better.  I cannot even feel it anymore unless I bump it on something.

Jenn is feeling really good about tomorrow which I am glad to see as some of the other riders are not so confident in their training.  They will be fine once I find a way to get them to stop thinking and just ride.  But for now, I have a coach's meeting to attend and then a pasta dinner before bed.

Helmet decoration for the VA team courtesy of Allen