Old friend, how I have missed thee! Well my legs and ass sure haven't. It's been so long since my cheeks got a chance to hang out with "Selle" they didn't even recognize each other yesterday. I think I even heard them ask, "You want me to sit on what?"

My dear friend "Selle"

PSA: Playing just the tip can result in a broken tip. Remember that kids.

I wasn't sure what to expect out of my legs yesterday on the ride home from work. Considering they hadn't pedaled a single stroke in about 29 days, but who is counting. I decided to take the ride easy so I could gently build both my strength and aerobic fitness back up to speed. And that is what I did. Slow and steady, never tried to really push hard yet somehow I still got home with an 18.5ish overall average. Not quite sure how it happened but it did.

Now that the wedding is getting closer and the around the house projects are getting very close to where I can take a break from them again, I am looking forward to making sure my cheeks don't ever go long enough without proper play time with their friend "Selle".