Holy moly!

Holy moly, has anyone seen my fitness? The ride yesterday afternoon left me feeling like I was hit by a truck last night. Headache, knee and overall body pain just would not go away and I couldn't put my finger on why. I know just short of 40 miles shouldn't have whipped me that bad despite how long its been since I have been on the bike, right? Especially if I just took my time and didn't push myself which is what I did. Jenn even pointed out to me, I was gone for about 3 hours which baffled me even more as in my head that just proved the point that I didn't push hard. The other thing it did was really drive home just how slow and out of shape I am.

Then this morning, it came to me while hitting me like a sack of potatoes. I have the eff-in flu. I knew there had to be something to blame it on. I just wouldn't be an American if I didn't try to blame it on something other than my own lack of ability. Just kidding! No flu here, thank god! Actually, as I was updating my version of Topofusion I came across a gps track of the loop in which I did yesterday from back in May. The total distance was actually 48.23 miles not 37. I mean whats an extra 10 or so miles between as close of friends as Selle and my arse when they haven't met in over a month?

The time log from the track shows I did it in about 2 and half hours in May so I don't feel too too outta shape while I sit here, seeing how I spun easily and came in just a half hour behind. But in a minute I am going to be done typing and will get out of this chair and that is when my legs will remind me of just how tired they really are.

Short ride with Jenn when she gets off work and then hopefully lounging for the rest of the night with some sort of artery clogging takeout.