Sunrise - Sunset

Late Saturday night, I decided I was going to ride into work on Sunday morning. It would be a good morning to do so, as leaving the house at 6:30am on a Sunday would provide minimal traffic. I wanted to lay everything out before I went to bed in order for me to just slip into it when I awoke because I knew I would be too tired and cranky at 5:30 to start to look for stuff I couldn't find such as a rear taillight. Where are those things?

The ride into the shop ended up going well. Just as planned, there was very little traffic the entire way there. Once I got to the shop I found out the most exciting news, wait for it, wait for it, Nick, Travis and I all rode into work and would be getting off at the same time. Whoooooaaaaa! This meant I wouldn't have to ride home completely alone for the first 7 miles or so.

Lance, if you can't change a flat maybe you should be a little more, Metro.

Nick and Travis rolling along.

The ride home was even better than the ride in. My legs felt much better but still not great. I even got to see one of the best sunsets take place from a few different angles as I passed by the different pumpkin farms and random fields. Regretfully, I didn't stop to take pictures as I didn't think the camera phone would do the colors justice and my legs where feeling just good enough which made me not want to stop.