Plans go awry

I had plans to ride into work once again as Jenn had her strength training class at Endorphin again. Threats from the local weathermen made my decision to sleep in rather than ride pretty easy. When I woke up you could imagine my level of annoyed-ness as the sky was clear and the sun was out. All was good though as it didn't take long into the day before the sky turned cloudy and then Mother Nature didn't to open up on us once again.

With it raining, I spent the afternoon watching the Food Network. Seems that is my fall back this time of year when the weather turns nasty or I get too lazy to ride in the cold. So with an afternoon full of inspiration Jenn and I collaborated on dinner. I used the cast iron grill pan to do up some chicken breasts while she whipped up a batch of her homemade mac-n-cheese! Here are some pictures to get you thinking about dinner at 8 o'clock this morning ;-)

Almost looking too good to cover in sauce...

But when you are covering it with 100% pure Idaho love, now that is a different story. Thanks Becky for bringing so many bottles home last time. The mac-n-cheese was to die for. And is what is for lunch today!

I have a couple of rides planned for the next couple of days. Hell I may even ride an unprecedented four days in a row. But lets not get too ahead of ourselves.