Fairy Stone State Park

This past weekend, Jenn and I met up with Mikey and Pantea for our second annual MLK JR weekend of fun. Last year we rented a cabin at Douthat State Park. This year we decided to take the festivities to a new location, Fairy Stone State Park. It is located in SW VA just past Danville.

We were able to get in a GREAT hike on Saturday. As you can tell from the elevation profile, there weren't very many long ups or downs but we were constantly doing one or the other.

The downs really did a number on my left knee. At one point near the end I was pretty worried I had done something serious to it as I could hardly put pressure on it with out my face completely tightening up. Today, 3 days removed it still hurts but not as much. It really only bothers me when I am going down a set of stairs or walking on unlevel ground. Hopefully, it will stop bothering me all together so I can feel better about getting back on the bike later this week without doing more harm to it.

I put pictures up here. Check them out if you are completely bored at work and need something to make you wish you weren't there.