Happy New Year!

A new year often brings thoughts of change and a higher motivation to get goals or tasks once pushed to the wayside finally accomplished. It is no different here in the 804. Now, most people have heard of "Take you kid to work day" and Wednesday was not that day. Rather it was deemed, "Clean your bike, So you can ride it to work day." In doing so, I installed a new shifter and some pink housing on Jenn's Gunnar. For those of you who don't already know, one of the pawls in the rear shifter broke. Don't worry, although it sounds serious it was nothing SRAM wouldn't warranty faster than one could recover from the swine flu.

I didn't include a picture of my steed as I wanted to keep the mystery alive as to whether or not I still actually own a bike. And if I do own said two wheeled device, do I know how to operate one with any kind of efficiency. The plan was to clean the bike so I could ride it into work on Thursday. That plan changed quickly with the sleet/rain on Thursday morning. New plan! Get a ride in on Saturday morning. I am starting to think Mother Nature is starting to really try and prove that I have a bigger V than she does. Temps in the teens has me chillin' (pun intended) here at the house.

I am starting to put together some goals for the new year however. Without goals, one (I) will not get anything accomplished. The list is still in the compiling stage so you will have to wait but until then let your mouth start to water over the pics of what we had for dinner last night. It was much easier to cook with the bigger grill we received for Xmas. Happy New Year!

Started by experimenting with my salsa recipe. I call it medium, Jenn calls it "F-in ridiculous hot!"

And there isn't a better New Year's Day meal to eat in front of a bowl game than a nice grilled pizza pie!