Got one over on ...

Since moving away from Chi-town as a kid we haven't really had more than one or two of what I would consider to be "winters". This year I had a plan though. I thought that maybe just maybe if I were to leave all of the Christmas decorations and lights up around the outside of the house, good ole Mother Nature would get confused as to what time of the year it actually is and bring us some of the powdery white stuff. I think it may have worked as the last two weekends (including this one) we have been dumped on with a little wintry mix thrown in in the middle of the week just for kicks.

This storm had Jenn going in to work snow duty once again last night. Not wanting to be overly bored with her not around, I decided I would take a stab at riding the rollers two nights in a row. Both nights, I followed along with Spinervals Vol 7 The Uphill Grind. A 45 minute interval set designed to put your heart into your throat.

I have been fighting a on again off again head cold for the past couple of months as if it were a crazy ex-girlfriend who would not leave me alone despite me moving on. And in true crazy ex form, once she found out she could no longer get to me, she went after my wife. Jenn is not happy to have caught one of my colds again because they always hit her harder than me. Last night I decided to wear the heart rate strap while on the rollers for the first time this year. In the 45 minutes my heart rate averaged 164 and I saw a maximum rate of 193. I am not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing to be able to get my rate up that high. I am not sure I have ever gotten it that high before. Does this mean my heart is getting bigger and stronger or the opposite? The exciting news for me though was despite my breathing being a bit out of control, the lactic acid in my legs was borderline ridiculous but bearable for at least 4 seconds more.

Tonight, looks to be a wash as I will probably be conducting inventory at the shop and then tomorrow I will be back at work and then home to catch some of the Super Bowl.