Family type issues...

Yesterday I decided to take the long route home once again. I have really been enjoying that route as it contains much less traffic and an almost never ending set of rolling terrain. On days when I don't take the time to eat and drink throughout the day prior to jumping onto the bike, it often leads to discussions between my mind and my dysfunctional family of body parts.

I was a bit surprised my legs felt as heavy as they did when I awoke yesterday morning. As I got dressed I checked the current temperature and was happy to see the mercury was going to rise above 60 degrees. I had a talk with my legs about how much skin needed to be covered up as there is no need in offending anyone so early in the season. I made the decision to cover up the knees despite my legs whiny objections. They proclaimed they were much to old to have to obey by the finger tip rule of grade school. I disagreed and they fought back. The entire way home all they did while half-assing their work was complain like whinny teenagers. For the most part the ride was enjoyable although I was never able to turn them loose and allow them to do their own work without sitting over them on my high saddle with a whip.

Today, like any loving and naive parent, I felt bad for asking them to dawn such long shrouds yesterday. I caved in and let those two pale sticks run free for a day. I was afraid if I gave them an inch they would take a mile. Take a mile they did, 31.8 of them! Isn't it amazing how the same amount of work can get done properly in a shorter amount of time when the workers are happy? It may of also helped that I took the time to hydrate and eat lunch prior to jumping on the bike. Good thing I wasn't pulled over with my little baggy of powder.

On a non-cycling note but still family related, today is Sage's 2nd b-day. The other day when Jenn asked what he wanted for this joyous occasion he told her all he wanted was an extra scoop of food with dinner and a new bone to destroy in less than an hour.

Holding the wallet ransom

Sage has always been the yappier of our two dogs, so I was very pleased to see he was growing more polite now that he has turned another full year older. When I got home I found he had already started putting his mark on the Thank You cards he plans on sending out to all those who sent him gifts.