Laundry Day

Laundry day really isn't much fun around here. Mostly because Jenn and I will wear everything in our dressers and closets before we decide to finally do some laundry. Not bad really when it comes to our power bill because we are only running the units once or twice a month but when you ride 6 of 7 days like I did last week it forces you into digging deep into the dresser then deep into the closest to find any old pair of bibs so you don't have to wear a dirty pair. Well yesterday I found this pair.

Surprisingly enough, I couldn't feel the chamois hemorrhoid once the bibs were on. I suppose I still have some winter pounds to shed so that gel chamois don't flatten out beneath me. Guess it is time to hit up another Pearl Izumi order so I can keep my areas comfortable.

I started this week out by instead of riding over directly over to Endorphin Fitness where Jenn has been working out I took a little detour for a fly-by of Westcreek Pkwy before heading over to EF. The ride wouldn't have been so bad except for the wind coming out of the South which has been trying very hard to bring in another set of showers this morning. I ended the ride with just shy of 20 miles, which is 4 times the amount of miles I started last week with. Tonight Jenn and I will be back out at WC for a little bit as she prepares for her first triathlon this coming Saturday in Smithfield.