Funk or Mojo?

Yesterday, Znels came over and I was able to talk him into taking a spin through Powhatan with me. We went a little bit longer than what he was originally thinking when he asked me if I wanted to ride but he managed to get through it without a hitch. We ended up with about 51 miles in once it was all said and done. Beautiful scenic riding out there that is for sure.

I did notice once again, that my sunglasses are starting to smell like funk. It isn't just a little bit either, I can really smell them once I get them close to my face to put them over my lovely green eyes. The ear socks also look a bit funky but they do not stink.

My dilemma is, I could easily just wash the frames in a mild soapy water concoction and change out the ear socks (which I already own) and the frames would look and more importantly smell like new. But if I do it, would I be washing away some of my mojo or is what I am smelling just the remains of my mojo's funky movements?