With or without

Here it is Friday morning and I still have a little bit of packing to do.  Nothing major just a few items of clothing which are currently in the dryer.  After that, it will be time to eat breakfast, and fix a bottle of water so I may start the process of making sure I am fully hydrated. One would accomplish this by drinking like a fish and then bugging Dad to stop the vehicle every hour or so because I have to pee until we arrive in Springfield, Oh.

Earlier this week, I posed the question of whether or not I would be washing away funk or mojo if I washed my Oakleys.  I wasn't able to come to a clear cut decision based on the responses but here are a few of them 

-Becky "Wash your funky sunglasses. Your mojo is in your blood; no worries about washing that away. So, grab some soap and get to cleaning.  Thank god they haven't invented scratch-n-sniff websites."

-The Beautician  "You will definitely be washing away mojo.  Do not wash them!  I once wore the same pair of underwear for an entire undefeated season while I was playing travel elite soccer.  We continued to win because I didn't wash away the mojo in my pants."

-Metro  "Feel free to wash them as it is not mojo, just funk.  Just like hoes in different zip-codes don't count, mojo cannot cross county lines.  You have to make it fresh wherever you go."

-Jenn  "They just look nasty.  You should really clean them."

Some very valid points were made from talking to people about this subject but the only one that truly makes a whole lot of sense was Jenn's.  I am not very superstitious but I am to a small degree and because of that, I have decided to not wash the glasses until after I return from Calvin's.  With or without my mojo I will be traveling sure of exactly one thing... my glasses still stink.