The last couple of weeks have been a little tough to find consistent time in the saddle. Most of it is work related as the schedule continues to change almost daily. This week will be no different as I have had to switch a few shifts to accommodate some visitors. No worries though, I have still been riding just rarely on consecutive days.

Last week, I was able to get out into Powhatan with Wiggins. On the way back into town, we both had to get onto the brakes hard due to a car getting a little to close for comfort. Shortly there after I started to develop a hard knocking in the front end of the bike whenever I grabbed hold of the front brake.

Once home and after a brief stint on the couch, I put the bike up into the stand to have a look at it. My first thought, was the headset had worked itself loose. I wanted to take the opportunity to inspect the bearings at the same time, so I tore it down.

Dangling tidbits

I didn't find anything odd, so a fresh lube job and back together it went. I was glad to see the bearings hadn't gone bad just like my pedal bearing did recently. Speaking of pedals, the Light Actions are again off of the bike and this time for good. They have been replaced with a set of Look Keo Classics. With two rides on the Keos, it is nice to not have my feet sliding around on the pedals all the time.

A look ahead to the rest of this week has me off the bike probably until Friday when I will definitely be getting in a longer ride. To where you ask, that is a good question. I guess I'll just figure it out between now and then. Ideas?