My rear may have P.T.S.D

Yesterday, was my first chance to capitalize on my motivation being at an almost all time high. Well at least a high for the past few weeks. The weathermen were calling for isolated/scattered storms throughout the afternoon and evening. Jenn gave me a call prior to her leaving work and subsequently the same side of town. She wanted to ask if I would look at the radar and make a decision on whether I wanted a ride home or wanted to chance getting a little wet. Since it wasn't raining on the south side of the river I decided to make the ride home.

While getting changed I started to hear a pitter patter on the roof of the store. Once to the front of the store ready to roll, I could tell it was rain hitting the roof. The last time I rode in the rain it was for almost 12 hours in Ohio and my ass is still a bit bitter over it. It tried to talk me out of heading out there. It tried to accept a ride from Wiggins. But to no avail, like an ex-drill Sergeant turned therapist I snapped at it and off we went.

With the rain coming down and threat of more rain coming down on the other side of the river by the time I would get there, I decided to make the commute home in a more direct fashion rather than in the around my ass to get to my elbow route I usually take to get some hill climbs in. The rain stopped about 20 minutes into the ride and then it was just ballz hot humid. Humid to the point where sweat doesn't evaporate and glasses fog immediately on any climb or stoplight. Other than the weather the ride went pretty uneventful which was nice since I was playing in the middle of traffic instead of on side streets climbing.

Today, brings a chance of more rain. It actually has the same forecast as yesterday and a chance to get more saddle time in. Look for me on the roads of Goochland and Westcreek while Jenn gets her workout in with Endorphin.