Everyone has their own personal reasons why they enjoy to ride. One of those reasons for me is, I love to eat. Not only do I love to eat but the whole process of putting together a delicious meal really relaxes me. Last night, err yesterday afternoon (I turned it into an all afternoon affair by making a plate and walking out of the kitchen.) I decided to put some of the thoughts of dishes in my head into bowls and then onto a plate.

Started with a Curried flavored Potato Salad. Looks like mush in the photo but tasted wonderful.

Not my beverage of choice but it does help to get my wood wet in a pinch. Cedar was the choice of the night.

Pork Loin rubbed with a fresh herb rub and a little bit of love.

The Loin was pulled off at exactly 155 degrees allowed to rest for 5 and topped with a freshly made Pineapple Salsa.

And here it all is, plated up. One of these days I will either upgrade the lighting in the kitchen or stop being so lazy and get out the real camera and stop using my phone. The photos just don't do the colors justice.

Now that I am fueled, I will be riding tonight at Westcreek once again as we always do on Tuesdays. Maybe another night of hill sprints? Who knows really ...