Planes Trains and Automobiles

Saturday morning Jenn asked if I wanted to ride out in the Varina area as a nice change of scenery from the now traditional Saturday morning ride for her and her teammates.  After meeting up with Dale, John and the Masta of Spin, we headed out from the boat landing through the battlefield.  I was really hoping the tree color would be changing through the battlefield as it always really pretty through there in the fall months. 

The ride went relatively uneventful except we did have to wait a few minutes at a railroad crossing up near the airport.  While we waited we watched a handful of planes take off over our heads before deciding to just turn around and find another way around.  Out and backs are the worst rides ever in my opinion but thankfully I was able to recall a way back without having to backtrack all the way to the cars.

Last night, Jenn and I headed out to Westcreek for our Tuesday night workouts.  Jenn ran for 40 minutes while I took laps around the Creek.  Nothing really of note from last nights ride except it was terribly unseasonably humid and my burps tasted like jalapeno cheese dip.