The drive...

It seems as if I have been posting about motivation and where I can find it more and more in the last couple of months.  For me, I have to have a goal in order to fire up the good ole motivation train.  Since I haven't had any real goals this year other than in the Spring, it has been a constant struggle.  But once the train is rolling, everyone who knows me has learned to either jump on or get out of the way because there is no stopping it.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of being the "personal paparazzi stalker" for Jenn as she ran her first half marathon.  Now I believe wholeheartedly things happen for a reason.  A reason none of us will know until after the "thing" is over and done with and we have time to reflect.  In reflecting back on this past year it is really appearant just how hard she has been training this year for all of tris and now this.  She was able to finish within 2 minutes of her goal time!  Watching her run with a smile on her face each time she saw me or one of her friends made me wonder if it were time to give running another go.

I gave up running back in high school because I didn't have time to do it between all of my other sporting activities and my knees weren't tolerating it anymore.  Today that seems like just another excuse to sit on the couch all winter and put on more weight than I already have.  This weekend Jenn and I are going shoe shopping so I can get rid of the excuses and start being active once again.  Between now and then I will be deciding on the Spring goals and whether they will be on the bike or on foot.  If my body can take the beating, my gut says it will be on foot. Either way you can rest assured I will be pounding the pavement in some fashion or another.

  My motivator!