Be careful of what you ask...

The Christmas season is always my favorite season of the year.  It is full of good food and a never ending supply of family.  Sadly most of them we haven't seen since the last holiday season.  Earlier in the month as I was putting up the lights outside and decorating the yard, I made the comment that we were the Griswald's in training.  Jenn didn't really like the idea of me turning the house into a tacky light tour stop but the decorations continue to grow each year.

As most of you will remember during nothing seemed to go right for the Griswalds in the movie.  That was not the sort of Christmas I was asking for when I said we were in training.  I just wanted our house to glow like theirs but it is exactly what we got.

When we awoke yesterday morning, we did so to a heating unit which would not turn on.  Lucky for us we live in a house built in the early 80's which still have the original windows which do anything but keep the inside temp in and outside out because it was 35 outside and 52 and dropping inside.  After not being able to figure out a quick fix we just decided we would worry about it later and head over for Christmas breakfast.  We weren't going to take the pups but we didn't want to strand them in the cold house all day so they jumped in the back and headed out with us.

Once we arrived, Sage decided he was going to go lap surfing and ran across the laps of 3 unsuspecting family members before getting to our Grandpa who was drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper.  A split second later, the coffee is in his crotch and Sage is running for his life.

Moments later, our darling Petra is running around the living room with a poo covered elastic band hanging from here rear.  She had torn up a pair of my old sweatpants about a week earlier and it was finally ready to pass it.  Outside we ran followed by a lot of gagging.

After that things seemed to calm down and bit and the only thing we weren't sure of was the heat situation back at the house.  I was really hoping we would be able to return home and find a fuse blown or a reset button which needed to be hit up in the attic which we didn't have the time to check for before breakfast.  Once home Dad came over and we crawled up to the attic.  Sure enough one of the fuses on the inside unit had gone bad.  Now the living room was being heated by a few space heaters we took from our parent's houses.  I could finally relax.

Once I sat down I decided to balance the old checkbook since we had done a lot of spending the last couple of days.  Now, I'm upset because to the list of everything which had already gone wrong yesterday, I can now add identity theft.  A quick phone call to the bank has my account on hold while they investigate.

Luckily nothing else happened as I was able to just lay around for the rest of the evening and watch tv before falling to sleep. This morning I reflect back and I am extremely thankful for all the love and support we have in our life.  I am also thankful Dad just brought us a new fuse for the heat!  Merry Christmas everyone!