Tuesday Night Track Run

Just like most Tuesday nights I tagged along with Jenn to her workout with the EF crew.  Once we arrived we found the track in less than prime condition.  It was still covered in an icy slush and where it wasn't icy it was soft like peanut butter.  Now because I am not part of the team I usually do my own thing while Jenn works out with the team and coaches.   They took the party off into a neighborhood across the street and I stayed on the track.

A big part of me thought it was not a great idea to run in such conditions.  My biggest fear was slipping on the ice and falling.  I was also worried about how my knees would like running on such unvaried terrain.  Since I was there I decided to go ahead and put in the work while I had a slight bit of motivation to endure the cold.  I was glad to see my lungs didn't mind the cold and my knees held up to the challenge. 

My hip flexors however didn't fare so well.  Once they begun to hurt a bit I eased up finished the mile I was on and then walked a lap before I started to stretch.  My flexibility was once described as slightly better than a steel bar so I am not sure why my hips hurt me to the point where I cannot sleep the night following a run.  One of these days I will have to start listening to my body as it wants to react differently to the abuses as it is getting older.