Caving in the New Year

With the new year beginning, I haven't made too many resolutions.  I haven't really been a person in the past to need a "new year" to do something different.  I usually do not do too many things that do not work repetitively.  It's one of my faults really.  You see, I am lazy and do not like doing things more than once.  I want to get the task completed so I can relax. 

One thing I am looking to change though is the regularity of my blog posting. This past year the posts have been pretty scarce since I wasn't ride much therefore I didn't have very many interesting rides.  I am also being pushed pulled into the modern day social networking realm.  I am still holding out on starting a Facebook account but I did at the request of one of my title sponsors for 2011 open a Twitter account.

I choose it just because it seemed a little bit easier to integrate into this blog.  If you haven't noticed already there is a small box to the right in green which will hold all of my most recent tweets.  Feel free to click the link below to follow me.  I am on a mission to reach Ashton Kutcher like twitter status.  I mean why not right?  If you are going to have a goal might as well set it high.