Its a flyin

Whether you like or even realize it, time continues and will continue to fly by at breakneck pace.  After taking the last couple of days off to rejuvenate, my plan for last night was to come home, grab a small bite to eat and then begin a workout.  With the uncertain weather conditions it looked like most likely it would be inside on the rollers. 

I was also asked to write up a short little bio type introduction for the newest cycle teams I will be coaching for Team in Training.  Never having to do something in a recent amount of time, it certainly took much longer than anticipated. Do I put this in? Do I not?  Does the wording make me sound egotistical? Does anybody care?  All of which kept running through my head as I wrote, read, edited, read, deleted, rewrote all night long.  I finally got it to a point where I felt it put my experiences in a good light and hopefully my words don't make me appear as a jerk.

Before I knew it, the midnight oil was burning.  I gave a late night workout a very short thought before deciding to just head to bed.  Tonight will certainly bring a workout.  Maybe back to back Spinervals?