Keeping with the getting some sort of workout out in each day theme which I started a long time ago on Sunday morning, I decided to squeeze one in yesterday prior to going into the shop.  I didn't have a tremendous amount of time once the decision was made.  Just an hour to setup the bike, get changed and then ride. That would leave me about 20 minutes to shower and put together a lunch to take with me.

I remembered how nice of a workout I got in on Sunday morning with the newly downloaded video from Sufferfest and thought about putting it on again especially since I was home alone.  I could play with my revolver all I wanted and no one would carry right?  Then it dawned on me, I was sitting right in front of big double windows in the living room which all my peeping tom of neighbors could see into if they looked out their windows.

They would probably wouldn't understand all the benefits of getting one's self all sweated up just to wave their revolver around all willy nilly for 48 minutes.  Combine that with a constant pain stricken facial expression they would probably call the authorities thinking I was going to do something drastic.  So I looked for other options.

I ended up going with the beginning of a documentary I haven't seen in awhile.  A friend actually asked me if I had seen it before just the other day.  I offered to let her borrow it but not before I watched it one more time.  The workout consisted of 40 minutes of steady state tempo riding.  I focused on keeping my cadence the same and not shifting.  I felt good and inspired once the time was up.  Check out the trailer if you have some time its been out for awhile.