Knife to a Gun Fight

The month of January seems to be in a hurry to come and go this year.  With the goals I have for this year I really cannot afford to let any time go by without getting my workouts in.  There just simply is not enough time between now and the last weekend of April. 

In trying to make a change in my regimen, I had to stop making excuses not to be on the bike.  Yesterday, I was working all day long and the football championship games on after work which meant most likely I would not be motivated to get in a late night session.  I got up with enough time to get in an hour long ride. 

I have been getting tired of doing the same three Spinerval videos and I went looking for something different.  I have heard good things over on Jason's blog, The Soiled Chamois, about the videos available for purchase from  I decided to give The Revolver a go.

It was 48 minutes of pure feel good pain.  The longer the video went on the harder it was to recover from some of the intervals.  I certainly felt as if I couldn't have gotten a harder workout into such as short session if I tried.  Once in the shower and my stomach tried to give back its contents I knew I had truly showed up to the gun fight with only a two inch knife.