Makin you a pizza pie

This past weekend, Jenn and I joined a few friends of ours on our 3rd annual long weekend in January getaway.  This year we (everyone but me,  I was indifferent) decided it would be a good idea if we got a cabin up in the Snowshoe resort area and went skiing.  I had never been skiing before so it was going to be a new experience.  One in which I was preying I wouldn't get hurt at.

We arrived up at the "Company House" where we would be staying on Friday night.  It is located inside of Cass Scenic Railroad State Park.  The town of Cass used to be the center of a big timber industry.  Once the company left town, the state purchased the entire town and made it into a state park.  We unpacked the cars, made some dinner and enjoyed each others company into the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday morning we arose early to ensure we got our moneys worth on the lift tickets.  Once everyone was set we all stepped into the skis and away we went.  All I could think about was, damn there are a lot of people here and I hope I don't run into them.  Everyone kept telling me to "make pizza" whenever I got going to fast.  Pizza was easy to make, turning was not.  The first run went like this, turn to the left, turn to the right, turn to the left, turn to the right and blam!  Down I went.  I couldn't get off an edge and bailed before reaching the tree line.  The rest of the day I spent following Jenn down all the green trails doing my best to keep up with her.  I started to get the hang of turning without having to make the pizza but still didn't have the confidence to just let it go.

Around lunch time we stopped and ate lunch in the village.  I could tell I was getting tired and my knee was getting a bit sore, so I opted out of the next couple of runs while Jenn, Pantea and Mikey went racing down the diamond trails.  Once the trails were about to close, we all met back up and went back down so we could go back up to the "Top of the World" where we were parked.

Sunday morning brought on some soreness in my shoulders, hips, knees and calves.  Jenn and I made the decision to start the morning off over at Silver Creek since I had exhausted all of the easier trails at the main resort and I wasn't ready to try anything more difficult.  Silver Creek was a ghost town in comparison.  Jenn was able to help me learn to turn not in the pizza and we did a good number of quick runs since there was no waiting in lift lines.  Ski to the bottom go straight back up, no waiting.  After awhile Jenn and I started to take different trails so she could do the more challenging trails and I would stay were I was comfortable since they all ended at the same two lifts.

Lunchtime Sunday afternoon we left Silver Creek and headed back over to Snowshoe to meet Mikey and Pantea for lunch.  After lunch Jenn and I did a few more runs but not as many as in the morning due to the longer lines.  In one of the lines we saw a dad tell his son who was about to have an emergency to just pee his pants so they wouldn't lose their place in line.  The trails soon closed and we headed back to the house were dinner was prepared and I zonked out almost immediately after.

Yesterday, we awoke with just enough time to pack the car before check out and headed back home.  We had a great weekend and no one got hurt.  A little sore yesterday but this morning there really isn't any soreness except a small knot in my calves still.  Tonight if the weather holds off I will be riding with the TnT crew.  If it doesn't then I will try to get a roller session in.  Hopefully either one of those will get the knots out of my legs.