Stop Go Pennzoil

Yesterday morning I had a couple of thoughts which led me to commuting home for the first time this new year.  First, I was itching for a ride. Second, I didn't really feel like driving home from work by myself or waiting around while Jenn was doing her thing at EF.  Le Antique was put into the back of the Highlander and Jenn dropped me off at work which left me with no other option but to get myself back home via the cold windy open roads.

Once I was on the road, I didn't really want to try to push it too hard even though I have done three workouts with Coach Troy in the past week.  His workouts work but not that fast.  It's a good thing I wasn't looking to get in a hammerfest because traffic just wouldn't allow it.  Seemed as if all the lights were red which made me think I was starring in one of the old Pennzoil commercials.  "Stop, Go, Pennzoil"

As I was approaching the bridge, I hit a pothole and my rear light went shooting off the back.  A quick glance back and I saw it made it all the way across two lanes of traffic to the median without being smooshed. I paused for a minute, waited for traffic to clear and then retrieved the light.  I should have taken this first jumping attempt more seriously as the way things panned out, the Mars 3 would make another attempt when the time was right.  The second attempt took place as I crossed the railroad tracks at Huguenot and Robious.  The timing of this attempt would prove to be a fatal one for the Mars 3 as once I heard it hit the ground, my quick glance saw it explode into many pieces under the rear tire of a big SUV.

I will surely miss that light as it has been with me for a long time.  Now that I look back it was the oldest light I owned as every other one has met a similar unfortunate fate. Please join me in remembering such a loyal ride partner.