Time to get away

As promised, I was able to get in a workout the other night on the rollers.  I didn't have enough time to get in a double dosing but I did get in 45 minutes of grinding up hills.  I can certainly tell that my leg strength is coming back to me pretty quickly but I still have a long way to go for my cardio to be there.

This weekend won't bring any riding for me.  Instead it is time for Jenn and I to take our 3rd annual trip with Mikey and Pantea on an outdoor adventure where we may or may not get eaten by a bear, fall into an icy lake but most certainly will freeze our butts off.  Last year we rented a cabin in Fairy Stone State Park for the weekend. 

This year I am a bit nervous but very excited as we have once again rented a mountaintop home in the valley near Snowshoe.  I have never skied before which is a bit intimidating.  I'm sure things will be OK I just hope I don't hurt myself or others with my first time awesomeness.  I still haven't located my insurance card  because I haven't looked for it but when I do, I am going to attach it to the front of my jacket along with my lift pass.  Wearing it like a shield should keep me safe, no?  Jenn also thinks I should wear my RoadId so if I get myself stuck in the snow they will be able to identify my body in the Spring once everything thaws out.  Needless to that is negative talk but I will most likely do it because she is smarter than me.

Keep an eye out here and over on twitter this weekend for updates and pictures.  According to twitter you do not have to have an account to follow.  All you have to do is text "follow RidesAnAntique" to 40404 and you will be following me.  Now you have no excuses.  Of course if you do have an account you really didn't have a viable excuse anyway.