Tuesday Night Team in Training

Last night I left from my mother in law's house in the West End and rode over to Westcreek to meet the Team.  Worried about the weather I layered up and hit the road.  8.7 miles later I arrived at the parking lot to find the Team just about ready to roll.  They were putting the last few articles of clothing on.  This gave me an opportunity to cool down a bit.

Usually these rides are a strong test of how cold can you endure.  It was really nice to have such a balmy evening in January to be outside.  The lack of wind and the high humidity kept the temps feeling pretty true.  The workout felt pretty good despite how tired my legs and body still are from the weekend of skiing.  I haven't slept this well on 3 consecutive nights in what seems like an eternity. 

Even though I really should get back on the bike tonight, it looks like I am going to take the evening off and try to let my body recover and then I will be back on it tomorrow night.  At least that is the excuse I am going to use to sit around and try to finish up the book I started this weekend because the copy of Going the Distance I ordered two weeks ago still hadn't arrived prior to our departure.  It has since arrived and I cannot wait to dive into it.  Who knew I would enjoy reading so much?  Better question.  Who knew I could read?